1 March 2005

For Immediate Release

I know I had a vested interest in checking the latest from podcasters Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz, but it is great discussion ... with just one small gripe ... no link to me in their show notes! For communicators and podcasters this is a great show to get all the time.

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Neville Hobson said...

Hi Mark.

Yes, sorry that I didn't link to your blog in the show notes. But, you're linked now, on my blog post and in our podcast blog post. Shel's traveling so he'll update his post as soon as he can.

When I was doing the show notes - which always takes time, and there's never enough of it - I couldn't find a link. Google and Technorati gave me a billion Mark Taylors, so I had to go without a link at the time. And I didn't have your email, Shel did...

That was a great comment you sent us, by the way. Especially loved the background sound effects!