15 March 2005

More Zimbabwe Nostalgia

Remember when a Zimbabwe $5 note would get you a big plate of food at a Wimpy in First Street? I'd show you a picture of one, but the lads at ZIMDAYS have slapped a clever little java thingy over their graphics ... so you will have to go and look for yourself. Fun site, but not if you are a seriously depressed WHENWE struggling at the end of a cold UK winter! (There is no Wikipedia entry for whenwe ... perhaps someone should give a definition a go and submit it?)

And thinking about nostalgia, I enjoyed seeing a picture on Robb Ellis' blog of Les Brown Swimming Pool - taken from the adjacent Holiday Inn Crown Plaza, formerly known as The Monomatapa Hotel. Swimming was my sport at school, and so I remember many swimming galas (swim meets to North Americans) in both the short and long course pools there, and in fact just about the whole time of my serious swimming, the big 20 storey hotel was being constructed next door. I remember endless lengths of backstroke watching the cranes and workers watching us.

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