8 March 2005

SMS wins the greetings stakes

(Drum roll please) Today is my birthday, and I have noticed that apart from being one year older, the way birthday greetings are sent have changed considerably. Snail mail birthday cards are pretty rare for me now - only one received this year! Email - none! Phone calls, let me think, about five people got me on the blower to say 'happy birthday'. But the real method of convenience and immediacy is SMS or text messaging. 11 messages, even one from the South African National Blood Service telling me my unselfish (see comments) donations of blood helped a stranger to celebrate another birthday! We use SMS at the church more than we use the mail, telephone or email now. It's the killer app until instant, always on, anywhere you are, VOiP fits into your phone or wristwatch!

1 comment:

Mark D Taylor said...

The original post said selfish donation instead of UNselfish - amazing what a difference the UN makes :-)