30 April 2005

A blog from a Boeing big honcho

Airbus Industrie got all the publicity this week with the maiden flight of that enormous A380 beauty, but I happened upon this blog by Randy Basseler, who has the unenviable job of just flying around the world talking to people about Boeing aircraft! Well, actually, he is VP of Marketing for Boeing, but I am not jealous! I love airplanes - always have, from my first memory at age three of emmigrating from Durban to Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, on a Central African Airways Viscount, to the gorgeous British Airways 777 we flew out of Islamabad, Pakistan back to London on 12 September, 2001 (yep, the day after 9-11). Nowadays as a pastor, of course I don't get to fly so much, so my Flight Sim takes up the slack.

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