26 April 2005

How much blood and body can God make?

BoingBoing posts an article of Jesus and Transubstantiation which is humourous by its ignorance.

This is what I wrote back to Robb Ellis (RSS for his blog), who alerted me to BoingBoing's blog article ..

Transubstantiation is the belief that the wine and wafers literally become the blood and body of Jesus at the time the elements are consecrated by the priest. This is why unused elements are either consumed at the end of Communion (= pickled priest) or placed in a special place with a light on (= God in a box). I'll write one day of my own "God in a box" experience.

I don't believe in transubstantiation, but if I had to, it would not tax my faith. Jesus is the son of God, in fact he is part of the Godhead, therefore is God. So for God who had power to create all our known universe with simple speech, "let there be..." and to feed thousands with two fish and five loaves, it is a small thing for him to keep turning blood and wine into something else. The man's maths may be good, but his 'faith' is cynical or non existent!

One thing BoingBoing does right is get readership: just shy of 83,000 when I looked just now!

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Mandebvhu said...

Yo MDT - even tho' BoingBoing may quote a report of dubious thinking, I agree that it is a well-read blog with articles that will tickle the fancy of almost all of it's readers. My favorite right now is the mp3's available done by Max Raabe which are his "roaring 20's" versions of contemporary music... worth a listen.