3 April 2007

Generations@Work -- Attention, Collaborators


Finding fresh ways of improving the way we collaborate in the workplace has long interested me, because it is so fundamental to enjoying what we do with so many of our waking hours! So I was intrigued to read that Y generation employees are often just bored with the ways older age groups try to encourage 'working together'. Imagine that! It is quite difficult sometimes for me, who has always considered himself to be the 'youthful' voice and view on work teams, committees, etc, to now just be a part of the old fogey group of boring bosses! I need a 'paradigm pill'!

I came across a blog called Generations@Work: http://www.generationsatwork.net, that is interested in collaborating across the generational divisions. Here is a quote ... but the blog is worth looking at:

Søren Kierkegaard wrote about it. Golfers try to perfect it. Bloggers rely on it, or at least I do. What is it? Repetition. So, here is yet another post on a strong recurring theme in both our blog and our work: the relationship between generational forces in the workplace, changing work, and changing technologies of work. The interactive effects of these three phenomena are blossoming in ways that are nearly impossible to keep up with. Let’s start with the announcement, again, this week from IBM Labs of the launch of a new suite of collaborative tools for the workplace. Recognized in a previous post about social networking, we mention them again, not because IBM is the only company out there developing products such as their new Craft, Many Eyes, or Malibu — in the Web 2.0 world collaborative tools such as these are launched every day — but because the accompanying press release explicitly references a new generation of workers...

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