8 May 2007

Largest loss of life since World War Two

Child soldiers in the Congo

As harsh a reality as hundreds per week killed in suicide bomber attrocities inside Iraq, a special piece on BBC's Radio 4 brought me to a sobering reality that the continuing conflicts in the parts of Africa where the DRC, Uganda and Rwanda meet have now claimed more lives than any other war since the Second World War.

Very little press coverage in the first world, remarkable indifference from world leaders, and scandalous silence from neighbouring African countries. 4 million people now dead, hundreds of thousands displaced, tens of thousands of women have been raped, thousands of 7-10 year old boys have been trained to kill. Today, it struck me really quite hard just how much of an evil all of this is, and how worse is the evil of political leaders and business leaders who continue to profit from diamonds, cobalt, and other natural resources, with such a human price.

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dave coren said...

Tell the western world about Zimbabwe and vote for Tony Sharp Zimbabwe. The page to vote on is at http://defendingtheblog.blogspot.com/2007/06/19-nominations-so-far-for-best-post-of.html

You can read the Tony Sharp post at http://tonysharp.blogspot.com/2007/03/abandonment-of-zimbabwe.html