24 June 2007

Anniversary at Beachy Head

The picture here depicts part of the battle of Britain being fought high above the white chalk cliffs that mark the coastline here. We had a fabulous lunch at the Beachy Head Pub, high on top of the cliffs. Rose and I celebrated 29 years of being married today.

She deserves a medal! I remember 24 June 1978 like it was yesterday, and recalling some of the many events, changes, challenges, and joys that these years have brought is just amazing. After church today, we drove towards Eastbourne, and had decided to just stop somewhere that caught our eye, and so when we had looped through Eastbourne and heading back on the coastal road, we came across a sign to Beachy Head.

Unfortunately it was raining too hard for us to take a walk around, but seeing that there are a number of walking routes, I think we shall be back before the end of summer. For more interesting information about Beachy Head, have a look at this website. Nearby, are the Seven Sisters cliffs, and another walking trail, that we would like to try sometime. This photo came from Bradford Genealogy (thanks).

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