7 July 2007

Crime Doesn't Pay ... Sometimes

Don't get caught looking for perlemoen in Durban harbour

When last in Durban (a few weeks ago) we were walking around the harbour near Victoria embankment, when a bakkie containing some of the SAPS' finest screeched to a halt, and the policemen bolted towards the sea. We had noticed the young man in the the photo, swimming slowly along, looking like he was hiding from someone. The cops eventually found their man, who had apparently been poaching or doing some kind of illegal fishing in the harbour. Moments later he was handcuffed and bundled into the bakkie, which zoomed him off towards a very different end to his day than he had imagined when he woke up.

Perlemeon is called Abalone in some places. Most others in fact. It is a very lucrative activity for poachers in South Africa, mostly organised by businessmen from the Far East who don't really care what happens to the coastline, or the fish, or the environment, as long as their restaurants can offer Abalone to their patrons.

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Max-e said...

I have just done a blog search on perlrmoen poachers and did not realise how bad it was. I spent some time photographing a group perlemoen poachers on 10/07/07. My wife and I were whale watching at the time.
Didn't realise I was being given the beady eye by one of them, not too far away.
It is time more drastic action is taken against this scourge.