28 July 2007

What goes BOOM in the rain?

Brits don't cancel because of weather - watching a fireworks
display in the rain on the Worthing seafront at the Worthing Festival 2007

Friday night was the big fireworks night of this week's Worthing Festival. Rain almost stopped play, but the show started on time, and the first couple of minutes were great! Then the smoke from the exploding fireworks seemed to mix with low clouds, and soon all we could see was the ocassional colourful flash, and then hear the explosions. What a pity, especially for the Lions Club of Worthing, arrangers of the event. I overheard one of them saying the fireworks cost £7000.

English Bobbies
walking a wet beat down Worthing's beach front

Richard Banks and Rose
waiting for the fireworks show to begin

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