12 August 2007

Relocation Relocation Relocation

I had a wonderful hour-long catch-up via Skype with my brother Rogan, last night. One of the enjoyable things of us both having excellent broadband is that staying in voice (and even video) contact is easy. They have lived in Southfork, Colorado since January 2007:

Images from GoogleEarth. '>HERE'S THE PLACEMARK

Nicole, Amy, Caroline, Rogan, Emma - Looking so much more relaxed than we we last saw them 9 months ago

They recently purchased their first home - something they had not been able to do when living in Zimbabwe. It is a typical wooden house for the mountain area they live in, and was originally delivered on a truck, in two halves. Their eldest daughter Amy is home from College for the summer, and they all have had summer jobs. Nichole will start College in the Autumn, about 75 miles away. Emma stays at the local High School. They seem to be very happy with their new life - different for sure - but not so much of the general stress that comes with just living between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers these days.

New home for the Southfork Taylors - check out the Zimbo flag

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Flame Lilly said...

I LOVE the flag...brings back fond memories!