30 August 2007

Google Docs and Blogs

This is a test of posting to the blog by creating a new document in Google Docs and then publishing direct to the blog from within Google Docs. There should be a picture of an elephant here too! I searched for the photo using Google's image search, and simply copied and pasted the photo into this post. So it does help avoid the usual having to save a photo to my desktop, and then using Blogger's upload tool to get the picture into the post. Only one criticism - I manage several blogs under my Blogger account, and the Google Docs posting option does not let me choose which blog gets posted to.

It works, and is very easy! Well done Google. Why an elephant? Our favourite animal - we both agree that nothing is finer than sitting on a Kariba houseboat watching the ellies. Not too many of them around here in West Sussex. (Picture credit: National Geographic)

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