31 August 2007

Wettest Summer Ever

Heard this morning that this summer in Britain is now officially the wettest on record, breaking the previous record from 1789. Well, a whopping 13mm more than way back then. Weather data has been kept here on Mud Island for 240 years, and our first summer had to be the wettest of them all! Not that it has bugged us or made us miserable. An early autumn might do that though! No doubt it will be conclusively so, as there is still life in those clouds! I cut the grass yesterday - takes a whopping 20 minutes to mow our expansive English Estate - and was astonished at how fast the grass had grown in the week we were away. Oh dear, resistance is futile - are we being assimilated into the quintessential British habit - finding the weather of central importance! The Union Flag umbrella graphic comes from: http://www.triple-c.com/Images/thumb_uj_umb101.jpg

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