11 September 2007

New Casting Hope podcast

Paul Vernon working on something important

My new Casting Hope podcast from Feba Radio is out today. The conversation introduces the new 5th generation of the Chrysolite studio - also known as the studio in a suitcase.

What is in this show?

Tim Miller, Tony Knowles, and Paul Vernon talk about their work on the new Chrysolite. Unfortunately, Charles Randall was away on holiday, but we hope to get him onto a future podcast when he can wax lyrical about the design and purposes of the new mixer in the Chrysolite. The podsafe music is from http://www.magnatune.com/.

The correct feeds for everything are:

Blog - http://feba.libsyn.com/

Podcast - http://feba.libsyn.com/rss

iTunes - itpc://feba.libsyn.com/rss

The show blog is available at: http://feba.libsyn.com/

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