26 September 2007

What was that I ate for breakfast?

Sudanese women making a biscuit thingy we ate for breakfast today

Day two of our Cush Consultation, and it has been cool this morning after rain yesterday, but since lunch time the heat and humidity has been building up again. The little biscuits we had were very spicey (sweet spice) and the water here doesn't tast that nice so it is doctored with cinnamon to disguise the flavour. Which works well for a cup of tea, but the coffee is terrible when made with this water. Dinner last night was some very fine goat, and loads of spinach. Rice and cooked maize meal with everything, of course. There are no shower or bath facilities here, so it is a wash in a bucket of water, and a long-drop toilet. But the fellowship is great and the people are interesting. Including Billy, retired US Army Special Forces officer, who is teaching literacy to the SPLA, and in the process getting the chance to share the gospel. He is tough as nails, but has a huge heart for these people. He became a Green Beret in 1961, one the the very first. I will get an interview with him tomorrow, and also with the pilot of the DC 3.

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