15 October 2007

BBC podcasts

Rose and I quickly became fans of BBC Radio 4 when we moved to Worthing - 'thinking people's radio' I have heard it called, and that sounds nice to us! People living around the world who cannot tune in to Radio 4 by terrestrial radio can get a great selection of their programmes via podcasts. Fancy hearing the longest running radio drama in Britian (maybe the world) - you can get The Archers via podcast now.

BBC policy is to make their programming available online for 7 days after broadcast, but if you subscribe via a podcast, you will get it and be able to keep the MP3 permanently. I always travel with a great selection of podcasts on my ageing but trusty old iPod mini, and having some good radio to listen to on demand in some pretty remote places, is always fun and often comforting.

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