19 October 2007

Why People Stay in Zimbabwe

This is a question I am often asked - Zim is often in the news these days - and there is no easy answer. The poem below arrived in my email today, forwarded by our daughter Michelle, who called it 'a classic'. Maybe because it gives a hint of the resiliant spirit of many who stay living there during all the current troubles ...

I have so much more money in my bank

For all of this, I have you to thank!

I'm saving money at a rate of knots

By the time I'm 40, I'll really have lots!

I can't spend it on fags, fine food and fair

'Cos when I go to TM, the shelves are all bare!

Other shops are quite empty of tempting treats

Who needs dairy products, cokes or sweets?

Standing all day in the queue for maize meal

Mean's I don't have to work - wow, what a deal!

I see all my mates there from days gone by

We catch up on news and make plans for a braai!

I can't find any marg or oil in the shop

My bathroom scales are starting to drop!

When I put on my jeans, they fall to the floor

'Cos no sugar or flour, means no baking no more!

Now bread, it seems, is a thing of the past

But I'm not worried, 'cos I'm loosing weight fast!

There's no need to lose weight by going to a gym

Just live in Zimbabwe and you'll get real thin!

I walk everywhere; there's no fuel in my car

I'm really quite fit now, from walking so far!

I spend more time at home than ever before

This is a good thing 'cos there's always a chore!

I take time for all the positive things in life

Like my family, reading and staying out of strife!

I'm coping quite well; so it just goes to show

That living with shortages is not such a blow!

Anonymous, Mutare, Zimbabwe

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