3 November 2007

Adobe AIR

I remember when I have purchased a new car, that all of a sudden we start noticing the same model on the road when before we never really saw them at all. This week I had a conversation with Daniel Antonssen, who lives in Sweden, about a project we are collaborating on together. He mentioned something called Adobe AIR, which I think I understand as a sort of AJAX like bit of software that enables Adobe's latest applications to work on everyone's computers.

Anyway, since the conversation, suddenly Adobe AIR is popping up in front of me all the time, and one latest application that I am trying out today, is SNITTER, an Adobe AIR app to enable you to manage your Twitter account. And if none of that means the slightest bit of anything to you ... Google around for some of those words. Especially Twitter, and feel free to add me to your list of twittering twits when you do!

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