1 November 2007

So, I have spent the morning working from home today - trying to get uninterrupted time to finish a report from my last trip, before the next one rushes up from behind to bite me (as it will in two weeks time when I head off to Southern Africa gain). Our dining room table allows a view of the expansive back garden these Brits all have, and I saw them. The little thieving critters. Those foreign impostors on mud island soil. Flower haters. Nut munching.

Photo credit: http://news.uns.purdue.edu/html4ever/031125.Swihart.squirrels.html

Grey squirrels, of course. Not so special because there are loads of them, but I haven't seen any of them since Rose last fumed that those conniving little varmints had once again dug up her plant bulbs, just waiting now for next spring. Oh, and I did get the report completed - checking my blogs was my reward to myself.

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