10 December 2007

Link to Romania

A family in the town of Iasi, Romania, with their Christmas in Shoeboxes

Rose has just returned from a week in Romania, mostly in the town of Iasi (say 'yash' and you have said it right!) as part of a familiarisation and inspection tour with her work with Link Romania, a charity registered in the UK. There are a number of Christmas in a Shoebox campaigns these days, but I believe Link Romania was amongst the first, and for many years they have collected filled shoeboxes and delivered them to the poor in Romania. This year, 40,000 boxes have been sent (or are just about to go). It ends up being a large operation for a very small team of very dedicated volunteers and two paid staff - Rose being one of them.
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Flame Lilly said...

What a wonderful job to be a part of!! Hoep you guys have a Blessed Christmas!!