23 December 2007

A Very Happy Christmas

Rose and I wish you

a very happy Christmas

and a blessed 2008

This whacky Christmas card? Long ago we just kind of fell out of the madness of thinking we had to send out dozens and dozens of cards to absolutely everyone we could think of - it was when postage costs from Zimbabwe just became silly - but when we get cards from people we love and care about, we do wonder about that choice. This year I tried to make a point of sending a card to everyone in my workplace, with a personal, handwritten note, done with a real fountain pen! If I had thought about it more, perhaps I could have done that for those people we DO love and care about - but alas we missed the posting deadlines. Maybe a half-decent New Year's resolution is in the making! Oh yes, the whacky Christmas card is the work of Nicholas Gurewitch
Anyway, here is a picture that better represents what we think - that the wise still seek for God.

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