1 January 2008

Get sensible news about Zimbabwe

I was just listening to Robb Ellis' Zimbabwe News Update, better known as the ZNU podcast, and his round-up of Zimbabwean news during 2007. If you are interested in getting a different take on things than you will get from mainstream news journalism, give ZNU a listen. Robb is not a media professional or a journalist, but his passion for digging into the truth behind current news items is deep, and his podcast is a good source for people wanting or needing to get background information about Zimbabwe. I am hoping to get Robb on the line for a chat to include in my own Paradise Lost podcast, which has taken a bit of a back seat in 2007 because of work pressures, new country, etc.

The 2007 update show is here: http://odeo.com/show/17569493/view

The web pages are here: http://odeo.com/channel/257663/view
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