13 January 2008

I've started a new mobile photo blog

Just so you know, I have started a new blog, to test out mobile blogging of photos taken on a cell phone and uploaded directly from the phone to Blogger. I have put a few photos up already, nothing too spectacular, but now that I know it all seems to be working, I will try and remember to take quick snaps of interesting or unusual things I might come across in my work and travels and family life.

There is a feed for the Blog 514 pages, here in Just Visiting this Planet. I called it Blog 514 after my new HP 514 Voice Messenger phone, which has replaces my trusty old Nokia 6600 and Palm TX with a single wifi enabled device.

Fortunately, I have been able to sell my Palm to a buddy for just £9 less than the new phone cost me in an after Christmas special offer from HP. Hopefully that is win-win for both of us!

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