6 February 2008

CSI begins to unimpress

The current (presume latest) series of CSI:Original is showing up Tuesdays on Channel 5 here in merry England. Not sure what season this is, it has been a while, and the CSI franchise has been a juggernaught, but last night's episode made me wonder for how much longer.

Billed as a halloween show, and modelled after those riduculously gratuitous slasher movies, it just seems to me that the writers are trying so hard to come up with new stories, new levels of genuine authentic science fiction they can pass off as real forensic work. Before long even their adoring audience, I predict, will have a group light-bulb moment and realise that the world of CSI is far removed from real crime scene investigation. Even in America. Even in Las Vegas. Sorry Gus.

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