12 February 2008

Spiderman 101

Don't try this at home! I suppose their are a few good reasons why a man would cling, starkers, to the outside wall of a building.
It reminds me of my current worst ad on TV - that outstandingly nauseating one for Tiscali broadband, in which a husband rushes into the bedroom and is so happy to have discovered Tiscali's new low-priced broadband that he doesn't even notice that his wife is up to mischief with the neighbour. He then proves the target customer profile for Tiscali by calling his best mate next door to tell him about this wonderful deal and the phone rings in the wardrobe, and out pops a very happy neighbour because getting such a cheap deal is obviously so much better than being caught in the very act of adultery.

I think that all those who were involved in the developing, making and commissioning of that ad should be forced to use Tiscali for a year. It's a harsh punishment I know, but they have it coming.

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