13 March 2008

Fossilised Pew-warmers

So I am preaching in the church we attend here in Worthing this Sunday, and after a short email discussion about sermon length, the lady in the church office sent me this.

Actually, here is the entire exchange:

Lyn: Hi Mark - Do you have a title and text for Sunday's service? If you can let me have it by Thursday I can put it in Grapevine. Ta

Mark: I will be preaching from Mark 11 How about AN ENTRANCE, A TEMPLE, AND A WITHERED TREE for a title. I shall attempt to deal with all three in 25 mins, so that the AGM can start on time...

Lyn: Shall I quote you on the 25 mins! 8>) Thanks for info.

Mark: Not a chance - those are preaching minutes - you know, like dog years.

Lyn: Oh no - we will end up looking like this... [cartoon]

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