4 March 2008

Granny Rocks BHS in Worthing

My poor old mom! She had a mishap in BHS store in Worthing today. She was travelling heavenwards on an escalator when her little shopping buggy on wheels decided to get caught up as the steps started to flatten out. She turned around and tried to tug it free, lost her balance, and ended up head first facing downwards on her tummy as the escalator continued its relentless march as she feared being sucked inside. Must have been a scary thing for her. Store staff came to her attention - emergency stop on the escalator, first aid at the scene whilst the paramedics were called - and a trip in an ambulance to Worthing Hospital to get some attention to some quite nasty cuts and scrapes on her arm and leg - no stitches fortunately. The emergency stop button was a blessing because if she had reached the top, it would probably have ripped her clothes off, and Worthing is just not ready for that yet. Rose met her at the hospital, where she got some great treatment and TLC from the staff, and we commiserated with some take-away curry for supper. She is a bit uncomfortable, but she is a tough old cookie.

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Flame Lilly said...

Thats awful! But, you write it in such a way that I couldn't stop laughing!!!
I'm glad she's OK though!!