23 March 2008

He is Risen

From our home to you, wherever you are living or reading this - a very blessed Easter Day today. It is common for Christians to greet each other today with "He is risen", responded to with "He is risen indeed" - simply because we believe that on the third day after Jesus was crucified, he rose from the dead.

This is what actually separates Christian belief and faith from all other religious systems. For me, this Easter day, "He is risen" finds me thinking about what this means for me - a believer for certain - yet very human - making sense and finding application for what a risen Jesus means for me, for the way I can know God, have relationship with Him, and demonstrate this all to people my life is blessed to touch and be touched by.

For you - We wish you much love, and a prayer that the risen Jesus will be as real and apparent in your life as he is in ours.

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