16 April 2008

River Cafe in Constantia, Cape Town

We spent a terrific few hours with Mike and Nicky McNaught today, being treated to lunch at the River Cafe in Constantia. Set in a vineyard, the light food we had was delicious, but paled into the unexpected pleasure at meeting up with Mike and Nicky. Mike was Mark's best man at our wedding almost 30 years ago. Old friends, evene when years pass between contacts, are very special, and for us it was a special treat and special day.

(Editing Blogger via cellphone does not make uploading pictures easy so I will add something later) - updated: now added

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Flame Lilly said...

The pictures of Cape Town are stunning!! I noticed a few posts down a pic of Pat and Michelle!! WOW! I havn't seen them in ages! My dad and Pat used to play squash in Zim together, we used to see them all the time!!! I hope he's on his way to recovery!!