23 June 2008

Wither Zimbabwe?

I am afraid that the events in Zimbabwe during the past weeks are for me, just too painful to be blogging about. I've heard about too much violence, learned firsthand about people I know who have been brutally assaulted, and had to listen to so many lies and self-delusion from ZanuPF spokespeople, that I just don't feel like adding my voice to the many who (fortunately) are blogging away about events back home. Yesterday's announcement by the MDC that they will not contest the Presidential election run-off is just so sad because it is a huge blow for democracy, for truth, and for justice. Sadder, is that I doubt the rest of the world will do much of significance - some hot air and rhetoric for a few weeks is about all I am expecting from the free world who cared very little beyond the price of petrol and one or two percentage points of inflation.

Say a prayer for Zimbabwe today. Robert Mugabe has said this weekend that only God is able to remove him from power. I don't like to order God around, but I am sure hoping He will not take to kindly to King Robert's deluded proclamation of divine appointment, and that He might just move His hand towards the 'remove that man' button I believe He could press at any time.


Matt said...

Hear, hear. So sad to think that just a few weeks ago it looked as though things could finally have been taking a turn for the better.

Mark D Taylor said...

Thanks Matt. One hopeful sign is the growing amount of outcry from world leaders - not that this immediately solves the problems most poor Zimbabweans have.