1 March 2009

Them ain't no Injuns

I stand corrected! Thanks to Steve Mills for taking time to drop me a note to explain that the Cree Indian quote in the previous post, is not what it claims to be! Steve says:

All I was going to say is that the "Old (19 century) Cree Indian saying" is of course neither Indian, Cree nor is it from the 19th century. In 1971 it was written by an English screenwriter named Edward Perry, for a movie with the title "Home".
Talk about getting that one wrong! Well, I guess it does prove once again that just because you find it on the web or in your email box, does not mean it is true. Unless Wikipedia tells you it is. Then it must be true, right?

Strangely I cannot find anything about Perry of the movie in Google or Wikipedia.

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Mark D Taylor said...

OK, comments now seem to be working again. They seem to need a bit of tweaking in the old Blogger settings.

Steve at the Pub said...

You'll never find it that way, too many Edward Perrys in Google. Try instead a search for "Chief Seattle".
Or browse your way through a hoax site (eg, snopes.com)

Wow, I can comment again, so my vista wasn't to blame? (for a change!)