23 March 2009

Too cold to enjoy

Stonehenge gets an icy stare from Rose

Rose looks cold because it was bitterly cold as we wandered around Stonehenge a noon today. Not sure what the temperature was, but the real feel was just brrrrr! In fact by the end of the circular walk around with the pre-recorded commentary, I was simply urging the nicely spoken gent to please just speak faster.

Stonehenge is smaller than I imagined - well lots of people say that - but it is a place I have wanted to visit since I was a little fella. I knew lots of facts about Stonehenge, but one new one was to learn that the upright stones have a third more buried in the ground. Probably why they have stayed up for so many thousands of years! Another new fact was that they are made of a blue-ish stone unlike anything found nearby, and the nearest source is some 120 miles away. 

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