28 April 2009

Apple Store in Regent Street

For me, this is like an Aladdin's Cave, and every time I come in here I am more convinced that my next home computer will be a Mac - so that means I have to actually save for one because the one I would want to have would not be just a whimsical purchase of a (relatively) inexpensive PC from a high street chain.

In fact I am tapping this post out on a really nice macbook - whilst I give my iPhone charge on the docking station next to it.

I am purchasing one, so I do not feel too bad, and actually, I don't think the Apple fellas here would mind one little bit.


James Doc said...

You won't regret it, I love my iMac... and MacBook... and iPod! ;-)

Mark D Taylor said...

Thanks James, inclined to agree! The interesting thing for me, a complete Mac neophyte, was how intuitive using one was, because of the iPhone I already have.