11 April 2009

Dr Who's latest enemy

The Trivotore, the Doctor's new enemy

David Tennant's Doctor is set to face a hideous new villain this Easter – the grotesque half man, half fly Tritovore. Producers hope that the new monster will become as iconic as the Daleks and the Cybermen. The first of Tennant's final four specials, titled 'Planet of the Dead', will see the Time Lord travelling to a distant desert planet along with EastEnders and Merlin star Michelle Ryan – with a guest appearance from comedian Lee Evans, too.

This time, however, The Doctor leaves the TARDIS at home as he uses a rather more conventional mode of transport, a London double-decker bus that gets transported across the universe.

Head writer Russell T Davies was however forced into a new draft of the script after of the buses used for filming was irrevocably damaged during shipping to Dubai (serving as a location for the barren new planet) to explain the missing top deck. (Text from Daily Mirror, Picture: BBC)

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