26 April 2009

Paradise has its downside

Been an eventful few days. Was in a little church Wednesday night, and afterwards we went back to our #1 eatery in Pemba, the Pemba Dolphin. Had me some prawns. Lovely big ones, that seemed fine.

Next morning, the damage was done, and Thu-Sat I was in great discomfort. It is hard enough having food poisoning, but in a place where medical attention is sparse, it is a problem.

Fortunately, I travel with decent meds, including oral rehydration salts, whicjh I reckon saved my bacon this time. I could have, should have, also travelled with a broad spectrum antibiotic, but didn't - that was a mistake.

The Pemba - Joburg flight was most uncomfortable, and there is a good clinic at the airport. It's all cash up front of course, and plenty of it, but within minutes I had a drip in, some meds for the nausea, and I was starting to recover.

By this morning, I was much better. The tum is a bit sore still, and feels highly bashed around by those demon-prawns! There is more in my Facebook and Twitter.

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