12 July 2009

Give me some of that!

I was humming a song yesterday that I remember from the install disk of Windows 95 - yep 95. 'Give me some of that' was all I could remember, and then 'Good times, bad times, give me some of that'.

From there it was relatively easy to track it down. The artist was Edie Brickell - yes, never heard anything else from her either! But I loved that song, and the video that went with it.

Seems Edie is still being creative - here is something more recent. More in Wikipedia. Interestingly, she is married to singer/songwriter Paul Simon, and with her band The New Bohemians, wrote and recorded What I Am, that was later covered by Spice Girl Emma Bunton. Hope you are now as educated about connections to that song that was going round my head, yesterday.

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