8 May 2005

Recording on an iPod mini

One of the things I want to do (as a prospective podcaster in the real sense of the word) is to be able to record directly onto my iPod mini, but alas it seems that Apple have disabled this functionality. However, the OpenSource community comes galloping in to the rescue, with a couple of fixes to this problem, that basically place an iPod version of Linux onto my machine. The WikiPodLinux pages show that a fix is already available for older generation iPods, but I will have to be patient for the new fix to the newer generation of iPod mini that I have. My hope is to be able to plug in a decent professional quality mic and get some great recordings for interview type situations, and eventually a noise-cancelling headset for experimenting with some sound-seeing podcasts around Johannesburg. By the way, some new local podcasts are showing on my Podcast webpages ...

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