17 May 2005

Tulips from Amsterdam

A special edition podcast of The Hobson & Holtz Report has a fascinating discussion with hosts ' Shel and Neville enjoying a 24-minute conversation with Mark Elbertse, Chief Executive Officer, and Hans Mestrum, Trendwatcher, of Tulip Computers NV headquartered in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The name Tulip brings back memories of their brand in the very early days of home PC's and the connection to the Commodore brand is interesting. Mark and Hans talk about the learning curve in using blogs to develop corporate communication strategies, As always, the H & H report is an interesting podcast to be subscribed to if you are in any kind of communication business, and well worth getting on a regular basis. You can get the MP3 file here (9.8 MB) or add the RSS feed to your podcasting application (I recommend Doppler Radio).

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hans.on.experience said...

Great to see your posting and your interest in the interview!