8 September 2006

Grandson #2 makes his entrance

Rose and I are very proud, pleased, and thankful to God, for the safe arrival of gorgeous Matthew Callum Vaughan-Davies. He is a brother for Rhys. Mommy, Michelle, is recovering well in the Midlands Medical Centre in Pietermaritzburg. Daddy, Jason, is over the realisation that he nopw has two boys to raise, and is as proud as can be. Rhys has seen his kid brother yesterday, but remains a little bemused by the whole thing. Michelle says he is quite different in appearance and character, after one day of having him. He was born yesterday, 7 September 2006, weighed 3.4 kilos, and measured 54 cm in length. He has lots of dark brown hair, and very large lungs judging from the sound he made when he popped out of Moo's tum during a caesarian section. We are looking after Rhys, which is a real joy.

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