2 September 2006

Less email - stepping backwards

There are plenty of reasons that Zimbabweans might want to get into a time machine and go back a decade, and the throttling of email is just one of them. I just spent some time reviewing my email accounts and subscriptions, in preparation for the move, and whilst checking my mail from Zimbabwe, including lists and email groups, the stats were remarkable.

Over the past four years there has been a massive decline in the amount of email generated from within Zimbabwe - at least mail that I get - and to me the reasons are simple. People have left the country, many feel afraid to comment about what's really happening, because there is a real fear that mail is being looked at by the Zimbabwean intelligence community, and the cost of email, mostly via very expensive dial-up.

I'd be interested for other takes on this. 'Zimbabwe intelligence community' - now there is an oxymoron I had not seen before.

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Lorraine said...

Mark - another reason for the lack of emails is the power situation. My brother & sister-in-law have just about given up on the Internet altogether because of so many power cuts, and having such a hard time connecting to their ISP. They said their friends feel the same way. It's just not worth the hassle. Very frustrating for them.