1 September 2006

Got a huge load off our minds

The container has been sealed and has gone. Hallelujah. Tonight we blob and watch TV, eating anything that is not fast food! The picture at left shows the container starting to fill. The removals guys hanging about were on lunch break ... not just lazing around. They actually worked very hard indeed, and we were very pleased with the service we got from Elliotts.

The picture at right was just before we sealed the container, and shows most of the packing team and your's truly. We were blessed with a lovely day ... and in fact the evening news tonight just reminded me that today is officially the start of spring here ... so I guess that means the start of autumn in our new home.

We still have quite a lot of stuff to sort out, so the house is not really empty. But it is a good feeling to know that the packing job is done. We shall enjoy the little wedding at the church tomorrow. I am preaching Sunday night at Horizon Baptist, and we will head to KwaZulu Natal on Wednsday now, since we heard today that Michelle will have her Caesar on Thursday, in Pietermaritzburg. It will be exciting to be able to see young Matthew Callum soon after his entrance into the big wide world.

By the way, Rose wanted me to correct any impression of marital stress I may have implied in yesterday's blog post! We have not really grumbled or argued or even got testy with each other in this whole process. Which is excellent. And amazing. Wonder if we have just matured well, or that those little green pills really do work. I even made supper tonight and brought home flowers. Tomorrow I may even have time to fly somewhere exoctic on my Flight Sim - haven't had a chance to do that for ages.

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