31 August 2006

Packing Day 1

We fell into bed some time after 1am today, and were woken by Ashleigh at 6.30 as she left for her commute to work in Sandton. It is almost 11pm now, and we have not stopped most of the day, except for a quick pizza at lunchtime, when Al & Wendy Siebbeles popped in with food and a visit ... and supper, which was also take-out food. The boxes are probably about 80% done as we are about to call it a day. The fellas from Elliots were great, and efficient. We have learned just how much stuff we had stored away for rainy days!

Actually, our gardener/church worker, who is also a Zimbo, and I were discussing this very thing at about 4pm when he helped me cart a few boxes of stuff to the church. Zimbabeans pretty much grab anything they can and hold on to it for as long as they can. This crosses cultures, colour, and geographical location. Everything has some value in Zimbabwe, and so we store it, box it, hide it, want it ... even when to the rest of the world it is ready for the local tip.

The photograph was taken at supper time, about 7pm. Daisy, one of our Jack Russells, is looking longingly at Ashleigh's chicken bones. Ash is hiding from the camera. Lamentably, the Black Label box only contained ornaments. Day 2 should see the container packed and heading off to Durban. Rose and I may still be married on Saturday ... in fact I am officiating at a wedding on Saturday, so that should remind us both!

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