20 April 2007

Duckfeeder of Bosham

We visited the delightfully picturesque and historical village of Bosham, West Sussex, this past Wednesday. An outing with our old friends, Charlie and Lynne Cannings, and 9 and 10 year old boys, Josh and Ben. This village will be visited many more times, I am sure, as we just loved it. A supeb day out could be made of visiting Arundel and Bosham, for anyone wanting a West Sussex outing. The wonderful old fella in the picture must feed those ducks daily, because they seemed to be waiting for him. I met him down in the harbour where we talked about the radio controlled boat that was zipping around the seaweed, and teen minutes later he rode back on his bicycle to show me photos of other radio controlled boats he had seen. Josh and Ben had a wonderful time watching him feed the ducks. I am just sorry I did not ask his name, for I am sure he is a feature of Bosham! He knew a lot about the local swans, and even referred to different generations of swans he has observed over more than 25 years. The local Parish church is interesting. Local legend is that King Harold II is buried there, and that Bosham is the location where King Canute used his divine right as king to command the tide to stop advancing, and got his feet wet.
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