22 April 2007

Sunday Sunshine

Narcissus, Tulips, and pansies feature in Rose's first planter in England

Our garden is beginning to look like something we enjoy being in and looking at. It was an untidy mess when we moved into the house, and then came winter, so not much could get done. But spring has created the motivation, and we have had three braais (BBQ to the rest of the world) on our back garden patch. Rose has been busy planting sweet peas, and the bulbs we did plant in winter have come up and bloomed.
Yes, those are bikes up at the other end, and our braai
No, that is not our house, it is 3 houses!
The lawn is recovering nicely after much neglect I am certain! As I type here, I can hear church bells peeling in the near distance, and the broken lock I repaired on the garden shed at the bottom of the garden makes me feel like getting in there and setting up some of my tools and organising the workbench.

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