20 July 2007

Does Harry go Potty?

So the final Harry Potter book is less than a day away, and soon all will be revealed. I don't really give a hoot, since I haven't ever read the first book let alone the 'final' one. JK Rowling has been very fortunate to have had such success and made much money out of her books - well done to her I say - but I just have never really been that bothered. I would like one of those special broom things though, they look like fun. I have been reading about some of the 'spoiler' sites that allegedly have seen stolen copies of the book, but I shall not reveal what they seem to be saying is the end of the series. Poor Harry. Or is it what he wanted? Lucky Harry? Maybe. Maybe not. And there is apparantly a guest appearance from a wizard of yesteryear - but if you are a fan, you will just have to wait in line for the book, out at 12.01 local time in bookstores all over the world tomorrow. Just not from an ASDA store in the UK - they have discounted the book beyond what the publisher thinks is good for business and so they have been denied delivery of stocks.

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