20 July 2007

Still Loving the Rain

Photo credit: eWallpaper

It has rained most of the night, and still pouring this morning - but Rose and I were discussing how much we actually still like rainy days. UK people are weather-obsessed, and for the most part get gloomy and unhappy when it rains like it is this week. I guess that growing up in Africa, where the rain often comes as a relief - from heat, for farmers, etc. So we have not yet reached the place where we get all upset with the wet weather. Not yet anyway.

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Flame Lilly said...

I agree! I still LOVE the rain and really miss the thunderstorms from Zim..the smell of the rain, the dark sky and then the green grass the next day! Of course, I could do without the flying ants but I guess they were fun to catch!