14 July 2007

Happy Birthday Derek

Derek and Andree Knell

Today we drove up to Egham, to join with a whole bunch of people who gathered to celebrate Derek Knell's 60th birthday. It was a super event, great lunch, and some wonderful tributes spoken of Derek, who we have known for about 15 years I guess. I have been fortunate to have met Derek in various places around the world: Cyprus, The Philippines, Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, and the UK. One enduring memory is during a conference in Larnaca, and we became prayer-buddies, walking up and down the beach pouring out our hearts to God.

Egham is very close to Heathrow, and the event has the soundtrack loud jets as they took off and flew over the town. Which was significant, as Derek trained as an aeronautical engineer, and was working on the Concorde project in 1972 when he felt called to work for Feba as the Seychelles transmitters were going up. I often see one of the old Concordes when going in and out of Heathrow.

Old AB Stands Proudly at Heathrow

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