22 July 2007

Offletting Pigs Offsetting Human Carbon Emissions

A clever little pig works on offsetting my carbon footprint

Oh, I just had to blog this. Science Journalist Tom Clarke had a documentary (The Great Green Smokescreen) about all the global-warming heehaw we are expected to believe. One solution is something that BP is doing in Mexico, with some very special pigs. The farm has some very large balloons, covering acres, which collect the methane gas generated by something pigs just do naturally, and then something is done with the gas that is useful. What, I am not quite sure. BP claimed that the project was offsetting the carbon emissions of 750,00 cars each year, but when challenged on their maths, they revised that figure to 2,500 cars worth of carbon emission damage. Not such clever pigs after all.
And then there are numerous people in the UK now selling people trees. For £10 a tree, you will need quite a few tree-purchases to offset a single long-haul flight, they will plant one for you, and presto, over 80 years the tree will appease the carbon gods for your sins. That these offsetting companies cannot agree on how to calculate how much carbon a flight is emitting per person - but they are starting to agree on what people are willing to pay, so that will probably decide it in the end.
Treat every company and politician's noise about carbon emissions offsetting with a great deal of caution, says Tom Clarke - and I agree. Anyone want to buy some trees from me? Come to think about this, I wonder how many tonnes of carbon could be saved if all politicians world-wide, just kept quiet for a year?

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