20 August 2007

Flying Pig Visits

My brother Paul, known in the family as Pig (I had better explain that) flew in from JFK yesterday. A fleeting visit on the way to business in Austria and Germany, he had managed to detour via Gatwick to make the chance to come visit. We had a pleasant lunch out at the World's End, a pub-restaurant near the delightful village of Patching - which is about a 10 minute drive from our house. It has become a favourite eating place for us. Patching village is the kind of place we would love to live in, if only we had lots of money! Houses in delightful villages are expensive.

About that Pig. Somehow, one day long ago, Mark - Rogan - Paul got abbreviated to Mick -Rig - Pig and it stuck. Only family seems to use the names, but they are definitely terms of affection. The photo above is after an excellent meal and before we all went home for a Sunday afternoon nap. Paul and Carol live in Connecticut, with various children and a slightly deranged chiwowow (I think that is the American spelling).

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