21 August 2007

So Skype Was Down

Skype, the amazing service that has done such a lot to improve the way we can stay in touch with each other, had some problems last week, and it took a few days to sort out. Stuff happens, and I am glad they found the problems and resolved them. What really made me angry though (as reported by the BBC) was this:

Many bloggers inconvenienced by the outage wondered if Skype was planning to refund them for all the calls they had to re-direct to other, usually more expensive, phone numbers during the period of disruption. SOURCE

What a bunch of wallys. Such Skype users should be asked to submit their Skype names and then forever banned from VOiP networks for being terminally self-centred. Instead of being thankful that people far more resourceful than them have established something to take on even the giant telcos, they immediately think of themselves, and how terribly inconvenient it all is. If they whine some more, they could get four weeks of clean-up duty in Baghdad, or a month of helping out the refugees in Darfur - then they might understand inconvenience.

Disclaimer: I have no disclaimer - no shares in Skype, don't know anyone who works there. Just know Skype is fabulous.

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